• S2.0 Producer Presets Bundle
    18 April 2014 ..:: Category(s): Patterns MIDI, Presets, ToonTrack

    S2.0 Producer Presets Bundle magesy.pro

    S2.0 Producer Presets Bundle

    S2.0 Producer Presets Bundle | 13. 7 MB

    S2.0 Producer Presets Allen Morgan
    S2.0 Producer Presets Allen Morgan II
    S2.0 Producer Presets Andy Sneap
    S2.0 Producer Presets Steven Slate

  • Best Service Shevannai the Voices of Elves KONTAKT
    18 April 2014 ..:: Category(s): Audio Samples, Best Service

    Best Service Shevannai the Voices of Elves KONTAKT magesy.pro

    Best Service Shevannai the Voices of Elves KONTAKT

    TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 12 December 2013 | 2.51 GB

    A perfect tool for composers and sound designers to create ambience and music for films, documentaries, video games and new age music. Unparalleled realism…Pure inspiration Shevannai is a unique solo vocal library aimed at easily creating your own ultra-realistic melodies, without using any phrases. Thanks to over 4000 carefully recorded and wisely programmed samples by Eduardo Tarilonte, handling the 5 true legato types and 33 words, is intuitively easy.

    18 April 2014 ..:: Category(s): Audio Samples



    Quakeaudio | 18-04-2014 | 802 MB

    Godfather Of Breaks, a superior collection of breaks.

    The Basslines and Synths range from funkadelic and jazzy to sub sonic and screaming wobbles while the Pads & Chords have a retro rave vibe and an analog flavor. All this together with truly varied Piano, Strings, Guitar, FX , far out Vocals and even Percussion loops make this sample pack a true gem and an essential addition to your Breaks sample arsenal , all 100% royalty-free ! To add bang for your buck you’ll find a folder with over 125 one-shots including Bass , Kick , Percussion , Snare and Vox .

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  • Razors Edge for NI Razor
    18 April 2014 ..:: Category(s): Presets

    Razors Edge for NI Razor magesy.pro

    Razors Edge for NI Razor

    TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 17 April 2014 | 6 MB

    ‘Razor’s Edge’ Contains 100 stabbing patches for the exceptional Razor synth from the Native Instruments Reaktor ensemble. These are essential patches if you own a copy of Razor. Using the Razor’s innovative and unique type of synthesis, Audiozone engineered various kinds of sounds, great to use in all kinds of EDMs productions, such as Dubstep, Trap, Electro, Dirty House, Moombahton, and more.

    Category(s): Presets
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  • Sounds of Techno AiFF
    18 April 2014 ..:: Category(s): Audio Samples

    Sounds of Techno AiFF magesy.pro

    Sounds of Techno AiFF

    TEAM MAGNETRiXX 17 April 2014 | 175 MB

    This powerfull soundpack contains a selected range of sounds for techno music.  Drum loops and their separated instruments, synths, basses, FX, and percussion sounds.  ALL our patches have been produced with layers of various synths or drums in order to make sounds fatter and then processed with analog gears (SSl superanalogue channel / Neve pre & EQ).

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  • Guitar Player USA – May 2014
    18 April 2014 ..:: Category(s): News

    Guitar Player USA   May 2014 magesy.pro

    Guitar Player USA – May 2014

    English | 164 Pages | HQ PDF | 72.38 MB

    The only magazine committed to the most experienced and serious guitar players. Coverage includes the finest lessons and master classes, interviews with top artists, recording tips, and extensive product reviews.

    Category(s): News
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  • Northstars-Studio Acoustic Guitar 16m Emu-TZ7iSO
    18 April 2014 ..:: Category(s): Audio Samples

    Northstars Studio Acoustic Guitar 16m Emu TZ7iSO magesy.pro

    Northstars-Studio Acoustic Guitar 16m Emu

    Emu | Team-TZ7 | 267.50 MB

    The Studio Acoustic Guitar is a CD-ROM for the Emulator III/X/ESI/E4, and features 40 banks of instrumentation. We wanted to produce a CD-ROM that would give the feel of a real acoustic guitar with all the strumming techniqes. The result is the The Studio Acoustic Guitar, a stunning re-creation of the instrument which includes over 900 chords which includes all the open tunings as well. Each chord is played in four different strikes with various positions on the fretboard. The guitar itself is a Martin D-28 with nickel wound strings. The Studio Acoustic Guitar contains 40 banks. Over 1,200 presets give you an amazing variety of performance options. Each chord has a variation of a slow picked downstroke arpeggio, finger pull, short picked upstroke, short picked downstroke and chord mute. In addition, we have included single notes picked and fingered with harmonics and all the finger noises.

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