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  • Nashville Wire KONTAKT 0TH3Rside

    Nashville Wire KONTAKT 0TH3Rside

    Team 0TH3Rside | WAV, NKI | 97.6 MB

    All pedal steel files are single shot phrase samples.

    “NO LOOPz !!”

    0TH3Rside NOTEz:
    Portrays the pedal steel guitar in its most familiar milieu: the clean chords and time honored transitions of country music, in top-notch performances using classic instruments and amplifiers. This collection provides the means to shape your own music with all the flowing, harmonically rich chord-to-chord transitions and accents that are unique to this magical instrument.

    Even if your not a big country music fan,dont be put off by this at all , “this build one will knock ya off U’z feet!!”


    • - 44x16bit stereo & mono wave samples
    • - Absolutely beautiful GUI’s w/EFx out front!!
    • - Built for Kontakt 2+ & Kontakt 4 users.
    • - 4 nki kon-2 / 2 nki kon-4
    • - Mapping along side with keyswitching.

    100 meg / 200 files / 2 folders

    Nashville Wire KONTAKT 0TH3Rside Download

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