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  • Celemony Melodyne Studio Edition PC & MAC

    Celemony Melodyne Studio Edition

    ArCADE & AiR | 19.10.2011 | MAC: 111.24 MB | PC: 54 MB

    Manual PDF : English, Deutsch, French, Spanish

    Melodyne studio – Polyphonic magic. Melodyne studio is the largest member of the Melodyne family. With this most powerful version you are no longer limited to the editing of monophonic melodies, but you can also handle complex textures and even polyphonic material, such as chords or song mixes!* Furthermore, Melodyne studio is a complete audio multi-tracker with an unlimited number of tracks and a high resolution of up to 32 bit and 192 kHz. Recording artists and engineers have known about Melodyne for years. For a long time, though, it was only monophonic vocal and instrumental parts that could benefit from Melodyne’s much-admired editing algorithms: algorithms capable of everything from minor corrections of intonation to extreme pitch shifting and from the subtle modification of grooves to drastic time stretching.

    Melodyne studio 3 introduces this magic to full chords and complex audio signals as well; so now harmonic material (such as rhythm guitar or piano parts) can be transposed (without altering the tempo), slowed down or sped up (without altering the pitch) and even quantized.* What’s more, all this can be done in real time with the highest sound quality for which Melodyne is famous. You might already know pitch shifting and time stretching from other programs, yet with Melodyne, even extreme alterations still sound natural and convincing

    Key features:

    • * Handles also polyphonic material (eg. chords and mixes).
    • * Complete multi-track arrangements (unlimited number of tracks).
    • * Superb resolution: up to 32 bit, 192 kHz.
    • * Melody Manager to browse audio files.
    • * Can import Liquid instruments and Melodyne Sound Library.
    • * ‘Correct Pitch’ and ‘Quantize Time’ macros.
    • * MelodyneBridge and ReWire integration.

    False Positive Virus Warning OLD Release
    Celemony.Melodyne.Studio.Edition. MAC.OSX.ArCADE


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  • Stonebrook

    can´t find the original .pub and no melodyne plugin/recources folder on mac.

  • audiosky

    El crack no funciona! me pasa lo mismo que a Stonebrook. ¿alguna sugerencia?

  • Eduardo

    Same here, any suggestions? My guess is that Snow Leopard is the reason behind this. I’ve tried searching within hidden files, and creating the resources folder but still no luck. Please post any ideas.

  • sergio

    Según la instalación hay que reemplazar un archivo en un carpeta llamada “RESOURCE” cual dicha carpeta no existe, aparte cuando intentas importar la licencia se queda bloqueado.
    No se si es problema de la version de MAC OSX

  • richarnemesis

    funciona 100% en mac como stand alone y en protools me reconoce el melodyne pero solo logro abrirlo como rewire o bridge?

  • Jaanik

    Where can I find the file “ in Melodyne.3.2\Resources\” on mac os x 10.5.8 ?
    Thank you guys !

  • J

    me puedes decir donde esta la carpeta resources esa que marca el txt?
    donde reemplazaste el .pub?????

  • Miguel Gonzalez

    Alguien lo ha conseguido instalar en mac. . .. . ¿???? Alguien sabe donde esta la carpeta Melodyne.3.2\Resources\ . . . . . alguien me puede ayudar???

  • lele

    Ir en el icono de Melodyne;
    Haga clic en el botón derecho del ratón
    Ver el contenido del paquete ..

  • Criture

    To find the file to replace right click on the Melodyne icon in your application folder and click show packages content. The file you need to replace is in the resources folder.

  • karli

    me pasa lo mismo no encuentro la carpeta Melodyne.3.2\Resources\ le doy clic al boton derecho y no me aparece la opcion “mostrar contenido del paquete” ayuda por favooorrrrr

  • Carlos 5to

    Hola a Todos!!! para encontrar la carpeta Resource en Mac OS X tienes que hacer clic derecho sobre el icono de Melodyne (que esta dentro de la carpeta de aplicaciones) en el menu contextual dale a la opción “Mostrar el contenido del paquete” y aparecera una nueva ventana con la carpeta Contents en la cual se encuentra la tan famosa y perdida carpeta Resources :-) xD ¡¡¡Saludos cordiales desde Guatemala!!!

  • ruben

    no aparece,cuando entras en aplicaciones esta la carpeta de melodyne y al entrar no hay ningun icono de melodyne para darle con el boton derecho para que aparezca mostrar contenido del paquete,asi que nose como coño vas abrir algo que no hay!

  • tavy

    se maneja con pro tools esta version ? gracias !

  • Mo Khan

    Keygen.exe does not work? what am i doing wrong? i replaced the pub file but can’t get the keygen to work

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