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  • OhmForce OhmBoyz Pro VST RTAS v1.52 x86 and v1.60 x64 Incl. KGN AiR

    OhmForce OhmBoyz Pro VST RTAS v1.52 x86

    and v1.60 x64 Incl. KGN-AiR

    OhmForce OhmBoyz PRO VST RTAS v1.51 | 5.28 MB

    I managed to find the “pro” versions of the installers with a little help of Google. Demo versions don’t allow you to put in registration info. Previous AiR version did not include a x64 version and is an older version (1.51). This release has the x64 installer and the keygen still works fine. It uses the same license for both versions. I tested both installers and plugs and they register and work fine. Nice! Enjoy the 64 Bit!

    Have you met the Ohmboyz? This charming bunch of delays are ready to take your sound flying through space and pilot it into previously unexplored dimensions.

    There are more than a few delays on the market, so we really had to do something special with this. That’s why your journey starts with no fewer than four predelays. These cute little critters will really busy your sound up and get it primed to for its leap into the unknown. From here, we head for the two slickly geared delay channels, each of which is armed with its own filters, pan pot and overdrive. This universe is yours for the shaping.

    What’s more, we’ve hardly started. All these parameters can be individually modulated using the patent Ohmforce LFO array. Send your sounds leaping from speaker to speaker, soaring from fundament to firmament, or simply hit the red button and witness the worlds you have created explode with nuclear fury. Just don’t forget to fasten your seatbelt.

    Some Uses :

    • Unique combined 4 delay effects
    • Typical Delays
    • ‘Ambient’ and bizarre delays
    • Looping effects
    • Creative sound destruction
    • Vocal Slapback
    • Vintage 1950′s Delays
    • Atmospheric massive feedback delays
    • Time – Synched Delays matching BPM
    • Reversed and slowed down delays
    • Chorus
    • Doubling
    • Ringing tones/pitched delays

    OhmForce OhmBoyz Pro VST RTAS v1.52 x86 and v1.60 x64 Incl. KGN-AiR

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