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  • Waldorf Waldorf Edition VST & VSTi 1.2.4

    Waldorf Waldorf Edition VST & VSTi 1.2.4

    Waldorf Waldorf Edition VST & VSTi 1.2.4 | 10 MB

    The Waldorf Attack is one of the most powerful and beloved drum synthesizers. The PPG Wave 2.V is the authentic reproduction of the legendary PPG Wave 2.3. The D-Pole is the famous Waldorf Filter. What do you get when this is packed into one box? Pure creativity!.


    About this release: Official Waldorf Edition does not work on latest Windows OS, because some registry structures has been changed. This release works if you had the problem. Also, we correct the wrong version numbers to the proper ones.

    About our recent NI releases: Thanks for your feedback, it seems that some of our Reaktor expansions does not work on x64 computers because of the 64Bit regkey system. So products would not be registered properly, then Reaktor opens the DEMO Window. It is not a kind of mistake of cracking. We had a plan to release Guitar Rig expansions yesterday, but aborted dut to that regkey problem.

    What GoGe-MonSooN says: 12 DVDs? Crazy! I would like to have 12 pretty sisters rather than them!.

    Waldorf Waldorf Edition VST & VSTi 1.2.4

    Waldorf Attack Percussion Synthesizer

    ATTACK is a true percussion synthesizer for the VST PC platform. It seamlessly integrates the sound of the 80′s analog classics and the ambitious electronic club drums of the 90′s into the VST system of the 21st century. ATTACK generates all its sounds in real time, giving you the freedom to alter all parameters directly.

    ATTACK has 24 sounds available per percussion set, spread over two octaves. The sound architecture is extremely flexible, as one would expect from a Waldorf synthesizer. Two oscillators, each with nine waveforms, represent the sources. In addition to well-known analog waveforms, ATTACK offers three samples to help create hi-hats or crash cymbals. Ring modulation and frequency modulation expand the sound spectrum with a metallic component and FX sounds. The integrated “Crack” module takes care of reproducing analog handclaps authentically. ATTACK contains a filter section with 6 filter types, resonance up to self-oscillation, and an overdrive of up to +52dB. The two envelopes are used to alter oscillator pitches, FM amount, filter cutoff, and the output volume. Two modulation delays and eight outputs (2 stereo, 4 mono) connect ATTACK to the VST world. Seamless integration into the VST 2.0 interface means that all parameters may be addressed via MIDI controllers, allowing you to create powerful dynamic changes.

    And as though this were not enough – twelve sounds in each drum set can be played melodically. With this feature you can create tom fills and conga or other percussive grooves in no time, and you can even play bass, melody or sequencer lines.


    • – Virtual analog sound synthesis
    • – 31 sounds kits with over 700 sounds included
    • – 16 percussion sets per FX Bank
    • – 24 percussion sounds per set
    • – Per sound (editable):
    • – 2 oscillators, each with 9 waveforms (triangle, sine, square, sawtooth, sample&hold, noise, samples: closed hi-hat, open hi-hat,crash)
    • – FM
    • – Ring Modulation’Crack’-module for authentic analog hand claps
    • – 6 filter types with resonance up to self-oscillation and overdrive
    • – 2 envelopes for pitch, FM amount, filter cutoff and loudness
    • – all parameters addressable via MIDI controllers
    • – 8 audio outputs (2 stereo, 4 mono)
    • – Two integrated and synchronizable modulation Delays for the stereo outs
    • – Polyphonically playable percussive bass and lead sounds

    PPG Wave 2.V Classic Wavetable Synthesizer for VST

    The Wave 2 series was the first digital wavetable synthesizer with analog filters, heralding a revolution in both sound and concept. The Wave’s most interesting feature was its ability to sweep through 64 waveforms in what PPG called a wavetable.

    Almost 2000 waveforms were available within the Wave’s 32 internal wavetables. The result of this wavetable technology is that the PPG instrument has a much broader palette and more animated sound than typical analog synthesizers of the early 80′s, which tended to have only a few static waveforms such as sawtooth, pulse, or triangle. The PPG sound was very unique and identifiable.

    Now we bring this exclusive sound back to life with all the advantages a completely integrated software production environment such as Cubase VST has to offer: The outputs appear directly in the VST mixer, so effects and EQ can be applied like any other audio channel. MIDI tracks are routed directly to the input of the PPG Wave 2.V without involving the vagaries of MIDI cables and interfaces.

    The polyphony now depends solely on the CPU power of your computer and opening up to 8 PPG Wave 2.Vs, each with 8 times multitimbral capability, gives you more than enough space for your sound imagination. A new graphical page offers easy editing of envelopes, generators and Cutoff/Emphasis.

    The combination of modern software technology plus the charm and massive sound potential of the “old” digital days results in a unique instrument which brings back individuality and pure fun: The PPG Wave 2.V.


    • – 8 times multitimbral
    • – 32 wavetables with 64 different waveforms each
    • – 2 oscillators per voice
    • – low-pass filter with Emphasis
    • – 1 LFO
    • – 3 envelopes (2 ADSR, 1 AD)
    • – Velocity and Aftertouch sensitivity
    • – Graphical interface for envelope generators and Cutoff/Emphasis
    • – Number of voices depending solely on CPU power
    • – Real-time MIDI control and automation of all parameters
    • – Up to 8 units can work at the same time (depending on CPU power)
    • – Complete unit and all settings can be saved with the song (Cubase VST)
    • – Sound rendering (Cubase VST)

    D-Pole Filter Plug-In for VST

    With the Microwave II, Waldorf entered the fully digital sound domain for the first time, and made the impossible possible: A digital filter with exactly the same behavior as its analog counterpart, but even more flexible.

    The D-POLE is a musically versatile Filter Plug-In which offers the same experimental capabilities as the hardware equivalent. Now nothing prevents you from filtering your voice with no less than 5 filter types. Morph a simple acoustic drum loop into a biting groovy dance rhythm using the LFO (whose speed is also adjustable in BPM). Add Overdrive to your lead guitar. Get the vintage ring-modulated sound for really wild experiments and send it through the stereo delay…

    Create completely new audio material for sound FX purposes within seconds due to the real-time facility of VST. All important parameters can be fully automated and settings can be easily saved as single programs or banks. You don’t have to stop your work to be creative, because creativity might not wait for you!


    • – Filter Module
    • – Frequency 0Hz up to over 17000Hz
    • – Resonance up to self-oscillation
    • – 5 Filter types:
    • – Low Pass
    • – Band Pass
    • – High Pass
    • – Notch
    • – Resonator
    • – 12dB / 24dB Slope selectable
    • – Amplifier Module
    • – Overdrive up to 52dB
    • – Volume
    • – Panning
    • – Delay Mix
    • – LFO Module
    • – LFO Speed up to over 7000Hz, syncable to tempo and audio
    • – 3 LFO Shapes:
    • – sinus
    • – triangle
    • – saw
    • – Positive or negative modulation of Filter Cutoff, Panning and Oscillator Pitch
    • – Envelope Follower Module
    • – Adjustable Decay Rate
    • – Positive or negative modulation of Filter Cutoff
    • – Delay Module
    • – Delay Time up to 2000ms, syncable to tempo
    • – Feedback up to 100%
    • – Damping
    • – Oscillator Module
    • – Ring Modulation
    • – Frequency up to over 7000Hz
    • – Shapes:
    • – Sine
    • – Triangle
    • – Saw

    Changes for Attack 1.2.4
    - Fixed problem with Effect 2 routed incorrectly to Output 1 instead of Output 2.

    Changes for PPG Wave 2.V 1.2.4
    - The Factory Soundbanks are now included in the new sound bank format. This fixes the problem of loading old Sounds or Banks in Ableton Live.

    Waldorf.Waldorf.Edition.VST.VSTi.v1.2.4.READ.NFO-ASSiGN Download

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    3# Do not unmount the disc, and open the setup/ immage agian, now you dont get the error about protection ..

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