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  • Kenti

    Thx this is awesome

  • peter

    great post !!! thanks ;)

  • JRM

    We need a Mac Version ! Please !!

  • pregunta

    so this is not for mac?

  • Cesar

    why you don`t put if it’s for mac, pc, or both in the tittle?

  • pregunta

    agree 100%

  • Gabriel

    anyone knows if this nexus and the expansion’s work 100% in Ableton? Thank Magesy

  • benj md

    es para mac o windows?.., antes de comenzar a bajar?.., agradezco la información…

  • benj md

    mac or windows?.., appreciated the info…, thnx!…

  • nando

    grasias borother x las expanciones

  • Domingo

    hallo! I’ve originale Nexus 2. All the expansions (for Mac) need also the .key file for each expansion to work!!! nxp file + key file must to be on your desktop. The expansions here the haven’t the file .key than not work ( I repeat… in Mac OSX)
    Excuse my english

  • Domingo

    you need the .key file!!!!!

  • Sifiso

    Please admin I need file 4 and 5 of filefactory please

  • Dave

    Please reuplaod part 4 and 5! thx!

  • Widget

    can we chat or email? i am using mac and logic

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