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  • moez


  • Alan

    but please in Mediafire.¿?¿?¿?

  • gnarr

    How can i you install without the disks 3+4+5 ???
    Did it work?

  • elle


    Each disk has its own installer.

  • elle

    Malpo, it’s within the download, in the 1st disk. I am hoping anyone who has downloaded it and gotten it to work successfully can provide the response to my challenge code above since mine isn’t working.

  • gsgs1

    key gen link not working pls re-up

    it says “Your download was not found or has expired”

  • geoglove

    Will you upload the fifth dvd soon?

  • dee

    Does this mean I have to replace my Trilogy? can anyone confirm if trilian has trilogy’s soundbank too?

    Thanks for the effort mate…. now waiting for DVD 5.


    dee read this “As Spectrasonics’ next-generation bass instrument, Trilian includes enhanced, remastered versions of Trilogy’s core library – taking it to a new level of sound and expression. As a special bonus, Spectrasonics’ original “Bass Legends” multisamples have also been remastered and included in the Trilian library, featuring Marcus Miller, John Patitucci, and Abraham Laboriel (bass sounds which some hardware synth users may remember from popular Roland Xpansion boards and the classic MBD-1 rack bass module).”

  • Doze

    “can anyone confirm if trilian has trilogy’s soundbank too?”

    Yes, anyone pls?

    Thx for the Superb upload!

  • logo

    trilogy is included, of course…

  • maese

    what is the pass.. from disc 3

  • +971505679933

    It’s COOOOOOL!!!!Thks!!!!!!!!!!

  • kaspa

    is there really a patch on disc 1 ? Idont find that patch there, there is the Setup (PC-Version). Can somebody send this please !!!

  • kaspa

    there is no crack on the dvd 1 too??? are i am blind ???



  • bravomusic

    hola, he instalado los 5 dvd y los parches, y en challenge code me sale 00, o a veces simbolos raros…alguna ayuda¿

    in challenge code appears 00

  • veridoano

    It works but a lots of sounds are not working for me or are missing, does somebody have the same problem?

  • alfonrock

    plus, the total unzipped HD space of all 5 discs is 27 Gb +, not 34….

  • haha

    On mac, some sounds doesn’t work, like synth bass. What should i do ?

  • G-cat

    I have the same problem. Acoustic and electric bass is there, but the synths appears as “Trilian Synth Demo Bank”. Any help ?

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  • JoeBlow

    Hey Guys,

    Im on a Mac G5 2.7 Dual Processor with Tiger 10.4.11. Downloaded everythng fine. I can unpack the first download part of every Disc. All others (like 2-24 on disc 1) give me errors… What am I supposed to do?
    I also just tried to start installing disc one and ofcourse it cant cause the entire disc is not un-packed… Does this need to be un-packed or un-zipped on a PC and burned to a DVD to work on Mac?

    Any Mac guys out there, please give some details as to how files where downloaded, un-packed and installed… Many Thanks

  • Guillermo

    Hola. Pudiste solucionarlo. A mi me aparece lo mismo. No me aparece el numero de challenge y puedo fenerar un serial.

  • 2dice

    PPPLLLLZZZ !!!!! I NEED HELP i installed everything right and followed all the steps and i cracked it great.. but i have no sound and i get this stupid error cannot load Soundsource “ARP 2600 Sawtooth” in Directory “Trilian library” try refreshing index in browser and my other sounds dont work plz somebody help it would mean so much to me thanks

  • priza166

    please help me. my challenge code is ngnhoFZpPq 3c%V/@hFwS nEmTg?%3 and i can’t authorize my product.i put my response code but nothing i’m on mac.

  • Magesy


  • priza166

    can anyone tell me from where i remove the trillian from my program(sequencer) on mac?i think this is the problem with me.

  • priza166

    it doesn’t work i put already 10 response codes.what happens?

  • wavesboy

    Por que no me puedo bajar la parte 2?????

  • guitareblues

    please help!!!!!!!

    my challenge code is Sp@GUpD:wV JKs7iUWZPB UkmTt?A3

    and i can’t authorize my product in windows XP !! :-(

  • diggin84

    Authorization failed…with challenge code…
    followed every given step….but doesn’t work.

    my challenge code is jr/CX@ABPq 3c%V/@hF:S nEmTJF%3
    tried by more than 10 times with a different response code…

    please anybody help me…
    thx diggin84

  • diggin84

    mac os x 10.6.4

  • milton

    necesito el pass para descomprimir por fa

  • mmelodic

    please can anyone tell mac users that how to install trilian on mac one by one

  • Cammiel

    Dont bother downloading if MAC user, it doesnt work i followed the exact steps but it doesnt get the activation.

  • Ramzis

    Everything seems to work ok, I just need password to extract updates who are zipped and protected with password.

    Please if someone knows the pass?

  • Caio

    I can’t activate it too on mac.
    Challenge code is Sowynmr@Pq 3c%V/@jUAP rUmTnF%3

    I didn’t find Trilian.vst and .component to replace here,
    can anyone help me?

  • mauro

    se cayo el link de la parte 6.. por favor podrian subirlo

  • Dima

    Hi Iam from Ukraine, i can start my trilian….my challenge cod – grnVB+jyPq 3WAVfD3FkS n:mT6V%3

  • raramana

    Can someone run this challenge code for me?

    dpSV%pBMPq 3aB27f2?QS nkmTt?%3


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