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    Bigcat GM MiDi Instruments KONTAKT

    FREE | 13.03.2015 | 10 GB

    Midi Sound Set

    I’m a bit obsessed with making available all 128 instruments of the General Midi 1 Sound Set. This is the sound set that midi files use to recreate music, soundfonts traditionally revolve around them and if you get 128 voice keyboard these are generally the voices it has. It is a standard to make sure that when Instrument 1 is called for it is always Acoustic Grand Piano and not bagpipes or a car crash.Thanks to Sarcyan allowing me to convert his most excellent Musyng Kite Sound Font, I think all 128 sounds are now represented here at old bigcat Instruments and available for Kontakt 5.

    Being me, getting all of the GM sound set as instruments for Kontakt calls for a list. A really long list. Initials at the front of the instrument name refers to the maker, see the key at the bottom. If there is more than one instrument that fits the patch, all instruments are listed side by side. Bonus instruments of similar type are included under the more general midi instrument.

    Content List:
    1 Acoustic Grand City Piano Bonus Patches Iowa Piano
    MK Acoustic Grand SSO Grand Piano S Piano
    2 Bright Acoustic Salamander Piano Summer Piano MK Bright Grand
    Upright Skerratt London Upright Piano
    3 Electric Grand MK Electric Grand
    4 Honky-Tonk Shoot the Piano MK Honky Tonk
    Intimate The Whisper MSLP Piano Grand Soft
    Prepared A Prepared Piano
    Toy MSLP Toy Piano
    5 Electric Piano 1 Street Bumper Piano MK R Piano
    Detuned MK Detuned EP 1
    6 Electric Piano 2 The H Planet S Piano MK Electric 2
    Detuned MK Detuned EP 2
    7 Harpsichord MK Harpsichord
    Coupled MK Coupled Harpsichord
    8 Clavinet MK Clavinet

    9 Celesta MK Celesta
    10 Glockenspiel MK Glockenspiel SSO Glockenspiel
    11 Music Box MK Music Box
    Found Finger Piano
    Chimes SSO Chimes
    12 Vibraphone MSLP Vibraphone MK Vibraphone
    13 Marimba MSLP Marimba MK Marimba
    Toy MSLP Toy Marimba MSLP Broken Toy Marimba
    14 Xylophone MSLP Xylophone MK Xylophone SSO Xylophone
    Toy MSLP Toy Zylo
    15 Tubular Bells MK Tubular Bells
    Church Bells MK Church Bells
    16 Dulcimer MK Dulcimer MSLP Kantele
    Toy MSLP Toy Zither

    17 Drawbar Organ MK Drawbar Organ
    Detuned MK Detuned Organ 1 MK Detuned Organ 3
    18 Percussive Organ MK Percussive Organ
    Detuned MK Detuned Percussive Organ
    19 Rock Organ MK Rock Organ
    20 Church Organ MK Church Organ 1 MK Church Organ 2
    Pipe Organ Bureu Saint Augustine’s Burea Funeral
    21 Reed Organ MK Reed Organ
    22 Accordion MK Accordion
    Italian MK Italian Accordion
    23 Harmonica MK Harmonica
    Toy MSLP Hippo Harmonica
    Melodica MSLP Melodica
    24 Tango Accordion MK Bandoneon

    25 Nylon String MF Natural Concert Guitar Quartertone Guitar MK Nylon Guitar
    S Guitar MSLP Acoustic Lil Nylon
    Shell DIY Philharmonic Guitar
    Chords MSLP Acoustic Guitar Chords
    Ukulele MK Ukulele
    26 Steel String Project 16 Sherwood SH887 Guitar FS Seagull Steel String Acoustic Guitar
    FS Ibanez Steel String Acoustic Guitar MK Steel Guitar
    12 Sring MK 12 String Guitar
    Mandolin MSLP Mandolin Nillsson MK Mandolin
    Shell DIY Philharmonic Mandolin
    Tiple Tiple
    27 Electric Jazz FS Gibson Les Paul Electric Guitar MK Jazz Guitar
    Hawaiian MK Hawaiian Guitar
    28 Electric Clean FS Fender Jaguar Electric FS Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar
    Cute Emily MK Clean Guitar S Jackson EMG
    Chords MSLP Electric Guitar Chords
    Chorus MK Chorus Guitar
    29 Electric Muted MK Muted Guitar
    Funk MK Funk Guitar
    30 Overdriven MK Overdriven Guitar
    31 Distortion MK Distortion Guitar 1 MK Distortion Guitar 2
    Feedback MK Feedback Guitar
    32 G Harmonics MK Guitar Harmonics
    G Feedback MK Guitar Feedback

    33 Acoustic Bass FS Washburn Acoustic Bass Guitar MK Acoustic Bass
    34 Electric Fingered FS Yamaha Electric Bass Guitar Quartertone Bass Guitar MK Finger Bass
    Muffled FS Ibanez Electric Bass Guitar
    35 Electric Picked MK Pick Bass
    Variety of Basses Project16 Bass – Version 2 Eight MSLP Basses
    36 Fretless Bass MK Fretless Bass
    37 Slap Bass 1 MK Slap Bass
    38 Slap Bass 2 MK Slap Bass 2
    39 Synth Bass 1 MK Synth Bass 1 MK Synth Bass 2
    40 Synth Bass 2 MK Synth Bass 3 MK Synth Bass 4

    41 Violin Ldk1609 Violin SSO Solo Violin MK Violin S Violin
    Shell DIY Violin (see here)
    Violins SSO 1st Violins – Take 2 SSO 2nd Violins – Take 2
    42 Viola S Viola MK Viola
    Shell DIY Viola (see here)
    Violas SSO Violas – Take 2
    43 Cello Karoryfer Cello MSLP Cello Lofberg
    SSO Solo Cello S Cello MK Cello
    Celli Celli
    Viola Da Gamba S Simple Viola da Gamba
    44 Contrabass D Smolken Double Bass Chad’s Double Bass Pizzicato
    MSLP Double Bass Lofberg MK Contrabass
    Contrabasses SSO Basses
    45 Tremolo Strings MK Tremolo Strings
    46 Pizzicato Strings MK Pizzicato Strings
    47 Harp SSO Concert Harp MK Celtic Harp
    48 Timpani SSO Timpani MSLP Timpani MK Timpani
    Frightening Bows Crotbow Glockbow

    49 String Ensemble 1 bigcat String Section MK String Ensemble
    50 String Ensemble 2 MK Slow Strings
    51 SynthStrings 1 MK Synth Strings 1 Mk Synth Strings 2
    52 SynthStrings 2 MK Synth Strings 3 MK Orchestral Pad
    53 Choir Aahs SSO Male SSO Female SSO Mixed MK Choral Aahs
    54 Voice Oohs Betsy Joseph MK Melodic Choir
    55 Synth Voice MK Synth Vox
    56 Orchestra Hit MK Orchestral Hit

    57 Trumpet SSO Trumpet S The Trumpet MK Trumpet S Bb Trumpet
    Trumpets SSO Trumpets – Take 2
    58 Trombone MSLP Trombone Knutsson SSO Tenor Trombone S Tenor Trombone
    Bass Trombone SSO Bass Trombone S Bass Trombone
    Trombones MSLP Trombone Knutsson Ensemble SSO Trombones MK Trombones
    59 Tuba SSO Tuba MK Tuba S Tuba
    60 Muted Trumpet MK Muted Trumpet
    61 French Horn SSO Horn S French Horn
    French Horns SSO Horns – Take 2 MK French Horns
    62 Brass Section MK Brass Section
    63 SynthBrass 1 MK Synth Brass 1 MK Synth Brass 2
    64 SynthBrass 2 MK Synth Brass 3 MK Synth Brass 4

    65 Soprano Sax Iowa Soprano Sax MK Soprano Sax
    66 Alto Sax Iowa Alto Sax Club Alto Sax Club Jazz Alto Sax MK Alto Sax
    67 Tenor Sax Club Tenor Sax MSLP Sax MK Tenor Sax
    68 Baritone Sax Club Baritone Sax MK Baritone Sax
    69 Oboe SSO Oboe Iowa Oboe MK Oboe S Oboe
    Oboes SSO Oboes
    70 English Horn SSO Cor Anglias MK English Horn
    71 Bassoon SSO Bassoon Iowa Bassoon S Bassoon MK Bassoon
    Bassoons SSO Bassoons
    Contrabassoon SSO Contrabassoon
    72 Clarinet SSO Clarinet MSLP Sad Clarinet MK Clarinet Legato
    continued… Iowa Eb Clarinet Iowa Bb Clarinet S Bb Clarinet
    Bass Clarinet Iowa Bass Clarinet S Bass Clarinet
    Clarinets SSO Clarinets
    Crumhorn S Crumhorn

    73 Piccolo SSO Piccolo MK Piccolo
    74 Flute MSLP Flute Grbavac Iowa Flute SSO Flute MK Flute
    Alto Flute Iowa Alto Flute Iowa Tuned Alto Flute S Alto Flute SSO Alto Flute
    Bass Flute Iowa Bass Flute S Bass Flute
    Flutes SSO Flutes
    75 Recorder MSLP Recorder MK Recorder
    76 Pan Flute MK Pan Flute
    77 Blown Bottle MK Blown Bottle MK Breathe
    78 Skakuhachi MK Skakuhachi
    79 Whistle MK Whistle
    80 Ocarina MK Ocarina

    81 Lead 1 (square) MK Square Lead
    Lead 1.2 (sine) MK AC Sine Wave
    82 Lead 2 (sawtooth) MK Saw Wave
    Lead 2.2 (doctor) MK Doctor Solo
    83 Lead 3 (calliope) MK Calliope Lead
    84 Lead 4 (chiff) MK Chiffer Lead
    85 Lead 5 (charang) MK Charang
    86 Lead 6 (voice) MK Solo Vox
    Lead 6.2 (doo) MK Doo Vox
    87 Lead 7 (fifths) MK 5th Saw Wave
    88 Lead 8 (bass+lead) MK Bass + Lead

    89 Pad 1 (new age) MK Fantasia Pad
    90 Pad 2 (warm) MK Warm Strings
    91 Pad 3 (polysynth) MK Polysynth
    92 Pad 4 (choir) MK Voice Pad
    93 Pad 5 (bowed) MK Bowed Pad
    94 Pad 6 (metallic) MK Metal Pad
    95 Pad 7 (halo) MK Halo Pad
    96 Pad 8 (sweep) MK Sweep Pad

    97 FX 1 (rain) MK Ice Rain
    98 FX 2 (soundtrack) MK Soundtrack
    99 FX 3 (crystal) MK Crystal
    100 FX 4 (atmosphere) MK Atmosphere
    101 FX 5 (brightness) MK Brightness
    102 FX 6 (goblins) MK Goblins
    103 FX 7 (echoes) MK Echoes
    104 FX 8 (sci-fi) MK Star Theme

    105 Sitar MK Sitar
    106 Banjo FS Kay 5-String Banjo MK Banjo MSLP Banjo
    Shell DIY Philharmonic Banjo (see here)
    107 Shamisen MK Shamisen
    108 Koto MK Koto
    Taisho Koto MK Taisho Koto
    109 Kalimba MK Kalimba
    110 Bagpipe MK Bagpipe
    111 Fiddle MK Fiddle MSLP Folk Violin Lofberg
    112 Shenai MK Shenai
    World Instruments S 9 World Instruments
    Kayageum Spt3125 Kayageum

    113 Tinkle Bell MK Tinkle Bell
    Jingle Bells MSLP Jingle Bells
    114 Agogo MK Agogo
    115 Steel Drums MK Steel Pan Steel Drums
    116 Woodblock MK Woodblock
    Castanets MK Castanets
    Maracas MSLP Maracas
    117 Taiko Drum MK Taiko Drum
    Concert Bass Drum MK Concert Bass Drum
    118 Melodic Tom MK Melodic Tom MK Melodic Tom 2
    119 Synth Drum MK Snyth Drum
    808 Tom MK 808 Tom
    120 Reverse Cymbal MK Reverse Cymbal
    Tambourine S Pink Tambourine

    121 Guitar Fret Noise MK Fret Noise
    Guitar Cut Noise MK Cut Noise
    String Slap MK String Slap
    122 Breath Noise Breathing Noises
    Flute Key Click MK Key Click
    123 Seashore MK Seashore
    Rain MK Rain
    Thunder MK Thunder
    Wind MK Wind
    Stream MK Stream
    Bubble MK Bubble Tverse Bubbles
    124 Bird Tweet MK Bird Goose
    Dog MK Dog
    Horse MK Horse Gallop
    Grasshopper S Grasshopper
    125 Telephone MK Telephone 1 MK Telephone 2
    Door Creak MK Door Creak
    Door Close The Doors MK Door Slam
    Scratch MK Scratch
    Wind Chimes MK Wind Chimes
    126 Helicopter Helicopter
    Car Engine MK Car Engine
    Car Stop MK Car Skid
    Car Pass MK Car Pass
    Car Crash MK Car Crash
    Siren MK Siren
    Train MK Train
    Jet Plane MK Jet Plane
    Star Ship MK Star Ship
    Burst Noise MK Burst Noise
    127 Applause MK Applause
    Laughing MK Laughter
    Screaming MK Screaming
    Punch MK Punch
    Heartbeat MK Heartbeat
    Footsteps MK Footsteps
    128 Gunshot Gunshot SFX MK Gunshot
    Machine Gun MK Machine Gun
    Lazar Gun MK Lazar Gun
    Explosion MK Explosion

    1 Standard Kit Quartertone Drums SmithULTD/Evil Dragon Drums MK Standard Kit
    2 Standard Kit 2 MK Standard Kit 2
    3 Pop Kit MK Pop Kit
    4 Jungle Kit MK Jungle Kit
    9 Room Kit MK Room Kit
    10 Room Kit 2 MK Room Kit 2
    17 Power Kit MK Power Kit
    25 Electronic Kit MK Electronic Kit
    26 TR-808 Kit MK US 88
    27 TR-909 Kit MK US 99
    28 GORK Kit MK Synth QORK
    33 Jazz Kit MK Jazz Kit
    34 Jazz Kit 2 MK Jazz Kit 2
    35 Latin Kit MK Latin Kit
    41 Brush Kit MK Brush Kit
    49 Orchestra Kit MK Orchestra Drums MSLP Orchestral Percussion
    57 SFX Kit MK SFX Set
    81 Electro Kit MK Electro Kit
    82 Dance Kit MK Dance Kit
    83 Gabba Kit MK Gabba Kit
    84 House Kit MK House Kit
    85 Industrial Kit MK Industrial Kit
    86 Rave Kit MK Rave Kit
    87 Techno Kit MK Techno Kit
    105 Ethnic Percussion MK Ethnic Percussion
    106 Africa Kit MK Africa Kit
    107 Gamelan Complete Gamelan Delft Bonang Barung Pelog GMB Gamelan
    128 CM Kit MK Drum Synth

    INFO: http://redi.se/34yx
    Bigcat GM MiDi Instruments KONTAKT


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