• 90s 2-Step WAV MiDi
    January 28th, 2021

    90s 2-Step WAV MiDi

    90s 2-Step WAV MiDi

    HiDERA | 28 January 2021 | 590 MB

    Dance music has a habit of running in cycles, so whilst the newbies are discovering the latest ‘old’ style, the veterans of the industry already have it down to a fine art. Having been a fundamental part of the UK scene since the 90’s, amassing three UK top 20 singles and over a staggering 4 million record sales worldwide, Jeremy Sylvester is a producer who is capable of covering a vast repertoire of styles. From deep house/garage, classic 90’s style house, deep tech and jacking with a bit of old skool 4×4 garage thrown in for good measure, Jeremy’s diversity and sheer panache is second to none. With respected EDM figureheads like Disclosure and Basement Jaxx all showing great magesy torrent support for Jeremy’s talent and vision, as well as noting him as one of their influences.

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    • Tech-Rave WAV MiDi
      January 28th, 2021

      Tech-Rave WAV MiDi

      Tech-Rave WAV MiDi

      HiDERA | 28 January 2021 | 317 MB

      Big room beats, rave inspired tech chords, and rumbling basses come together to bring TECH-RAVE – a 400MB+ collection of tech-driven grooves, analogue synths lines, tribal-style percussion, machine derived drum hits, and melodic one-shots. TECH-RAVE offers the tools to inject authentic analogue warmth, character, and groove into your tracks.

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      • Love Vox Vocal Samples Vol.1 WAV
        January 26th, 2021
        Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

        Love Vox Vocal Samples Vol.1 WAV

        Love Vox Vol.1 WAV

        HiDERA | 26 January 2021 | 569 MB

        Under a new moniker, Buck puts forth Love Vox, a collection of polished and unpolished vocal samples with depth, feeling, and impressive texture. With a track record of writing and producing music for popular artists, hit television shows and ad campaigns, Buck presents a substantial vocal library combining pop sheen with lo-fi, raw emotional content, and unique soundscaping. This pack is capable of carving out space in genres from magesy download pop to hip hop, electronic to folk, indie, and others in between. Along with one shots are full verses, rare hooks, eerie harmonies, and a sprinkling of wild creations and instrumental sounds. If you’re looking to add unique signature-flavor to your tracks, look no further. Also, pick up Love Vox if you want to win over the love of your life.

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        • Ngoni: West Africa String WAV
          January 25th, 2021
          Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

          Ngoni WAV

          Ngoni: West Africa String

          HiDERA | 29 MAY 2020 | 595.23 MB

          The stunning ngoni. This intricate instrument has appeared in several of the previous Sessions packs, so we’re delighted to highlight its unique sounds and value. The ngoni is a string instrument originating in West Africa. It has several variations intended for different uses. Some are used in celebrations and special occasions, others are reserved for ceremonial purposes. The ngoni is known to have existed since at least 1352 when Ibn Battuta, a Moroccan traveler reported seeing one in the court of Mansa Musa. It’s believed to have evolved into the banjo in North America after Mande slaves were exported there. The base of the ngoni is actually a drum, allowing the instrument to fill nearly any space with sound and for the player to be a one-person show, simultaneously crafting rhythm and melody.

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          • Congolese Drums WAV
            January 24th, 2021
            Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

            Congolese Drums WAV

            Congolese Drums

            HiDERA | 29 MAY 2020 | 687.27 MB

            Congolese Drums is the third installment of Senegal Sessions and the first instrumental pack in the series. This groovy pack focuses on creating sounds to dance to in the style of Mbalax, Afrobeat, hip hop, and dancehall. Mbalax (or Mbalakh) is the national popular dance music of Senegal and the Gambia. It has sacred origins in the Serer people, an ultra-religious, ultra-conservative njuup music tradition and their sacred ndut rite ceremonies. By the 1970s, it became a fusion with other popular music from magesy download the African diaspora, the West, and Afropop such as jazz, soul, Latin, Congolese rumba, and rock blended with sabar, the traditional drumming and dance music of the Wolof—an ethnic group of northwestern Senegal. The genre’s name derived from magesy download accompanying rhythms used in sabar called mbalax. Although Toungamani hails from magesy download Congo, he’s considered one of the best Mbalax players in Senegal. This fusion of cultures has provided the music community with a rhythmic gift to be unwrapped loop-by-loop in this pack. Filled with passion, history, cultural pride, and rhythm, find one-shots and loops that will add some serious movement to your next production.

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            • Balafon WAV
              January 24th, 2021
              Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

              Balafon WAV

              Balafon WAV

              HiDERA | 29 MAY 2020 | 405.91 MB

              A world-renown balafonist who plays with the Orchestre National du Sénégal and many other acts. A member of the griot family in the Mandinka community of Senegal, Koita celebrates the marriage of traditional Senegalese instruments with modern music techniques. It brings him great magesy torrent joy to see the beloved balafon he was raised with incorporated into contemporary music around the world. The Mandinka balafon also called the bala or the balphone, is a kind of idiophone (an instrument that creates sound by vibrating). In the West, it would be compared to a xylophone. The balafon is amplified by small gourds underneath the keys, with small layers of film covering holes to create a unique buzzing sound. The instrument can create a one-person band effect with a sound that is rich and full.

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              • Kora WAV KONTAKT
                January 24th, 2021
                Categories: Audio Samples, KONTAKT, WAV

                Kora WAV KONTAKT

                Kora WAV KONTAKT

                HiDERA | 29 MAY 2020 | 1.03 GB

                Senegal features the kora, a strikingly beautiful lute-bridge harp instrument synonymous with the culture of West Africa. The sound of a kora resembles that of a harp. Though when played in the traditional style, its sounds bear a closer resemblance to flamenco and Delta blues guitar techniques. Both hands are used to pluck the strings in polyrhythmic patterns while the remaining fingers secure the instrument by holding the hand posts on either side of the strings. Ostinato riffs (“Kumbengo”) and improvised solo runs (“Birimintingo”) are played at the same time by skilled players. For this pack, kora player Edouard Manga (who performs as Edou Kora) met up with As Malick Diouf on guitar and Django Diabate on ngoni at LaBoutique Studio in Dakar. In crafting these sounds, they improvised loops in various folk styles. You’ll also find one-shots in various keys.

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                • Future Bass Production Course TUTORiAL
                  January 24th, 2021
                  Categories: Tutorials

                  Future Bass Production Course TUTORiAL

                  Future Bass Production Course

                  HiDERA | 29 MAY 2020 | 1.88 GB


                  What exactly is “Future Bass” Course, what you will learn, who is your instructor? Future Bass can be one of the most challenging genres to make. It takes both great magesy torrent sound design & songwriting to make a cohesive hit come together. When we thought about this, we knew that one of our top producers SEM would be perfect to teach this course. He has released on San Holo’s label bitbird and is known for making big Future Bass remixes similar to Flume! He will cover everything in his creative process from magesy download sound selection, synth creation, song arrangement, mixing, and everything else that brings the song to it’s final version. Not to mention, you’ll also see him making a full song from magesy download scratch. Meaning you’ll get to see exactly how he works his way through a song and see the entire process from magesy download start to finish.

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                  • Hip Hop Production Course TUTORiAL
                    January 24th, 2021
                    Categories: Tutorials

                    Hip Hop Production Course TUTORiAL

                    Hip Hop Production Course

                    HiDERA | 29 MAY 2020 | 1.3 GB


                    What exactly is the “Hip Hop” Course, what you will learn, who is your instructor? Hip-Hop can be a really tough genre especially in an ever evolving industry. Whether you struggle with song writing, melody creation, mixing, or drum techniques… It can be very challenging to get your sound where you want or need it to be. That’s why we brought in one of our top in-house producers, Nick Tchernov, to sit down and cover all of the essential steps when it comes to bringing a smash record together. He will cover everything from magesy download sound selection, melody creation, drum programming, 808 techniques, mixing, and so much more! Not to mention, Nick will also be building full beats from magesy download scratch to finish. You will be able to see his entire process in the most raw form imaginable, it’s the closest you will get to sitting down one on one in a pro studio session. With this course you’ll uncover all of the secret tips and techniques that the professionals in the industry use, and apply them to your own tracks!

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                    • Melodyne 5 Explained®
                      January 23rd, 2021
                      Categories: Tutorials

                      Melodyne 5 Explained®

                      Melodyne 5 Explained®

                      HiDERA | 26 May 2020 | 318.29 MB

                      Studio guru delivers comprehensive Melodyne 5 video tutorials! Learn all the basics, its features and functions, and how to use them effectively to manipulate your audio track’s pitch and time, with incredible results. These videos are designed for new Melodyne 5 users. Eli welcomes you and gives you a first look around the new Melodyne 5 interface, what it looks like in various DAWs, and where some of the new v.5 features are located. Next you’ll learn the important basics like transferring audio to Melodyne in real-time, using the Audio Random Access (ARA) feature, navigating and controlling playback in your DAW, and more. Basic editing is up next, and you’ll learn to use the Correct Pitch Macro for simple and effective basic tuning, utilize the new Chord Track functions to analyze, re-analyze, edit, and audition chords all from magesy download within Melodyne for alien-like control over your chords. This feature alone makes Melodyne 5 a weapons grade sonic manipulator that anyone working with audio should have.

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