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  • Vintage Drum Machine SAMPLES
    24 November 2020
    Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

    Vintage Drum Machine SAMPLES

    Vintage Drum Machine

    DECiBEL | 24 Nov 2020 | WAV: 285MB

    We sampled one of the world’s first drum machines. We tracked down and restored a Wurlitzer Sideman, the first commercially available tube based drum machine. It was an incredibly innovative and unique instrument for the time. It made its debut in 1959 and continued to sell throughout the 1960’s. The Sideman used sound generating circuits that were tube-based. It was driven by an electronic motor that turns a scanning disk with rows of contact points. Each contact point triggers a drum sound, generating a particular rhythm. The faster the disk spins, the faster the pattern plays. Doesn’t get more vintage than that.

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    • Tape Drum Samples WAV-DECiBEL
      24 November 2020
      Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

      Tape Drum Samples WAV-DECiBEL

      Tape Drum Samples

      DECiBEL | 24 Nov 2020 | 130.6MB

      Drums / 149 Loops / 44 One Shots

      We are always looking for that great magesy torrent analog gooey-ness to smooth together our harsh digital sounding mixes. For this library, we utilized the Ampex ATR and Otari MTR tape machines (no emulation) to smash these drums proper. The resulting pack is the most character filled library of samples and loops we have ever created. If you want that real, reel to reel, sound of analog drums, look no further than Circles Tape.

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      • Drum Room SAMPLES WAV-DECiBEL
        24 November 2020
        Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

        Drum Room SAMPLES WAV-DECiBEL

        Drum Room SAMPLES

        DECiBEL | 24 Nov 2020 | 42.2MB

        Rock / 17 Loops / 98 One Shots

        Drum Room is a collection of incredible sounding drums of all types and sizes recorded using some of the best analog gear available. We challenged ourselves to make these drums sound unlike any other acoustic drum sample library out there – sampling everything from magesy download drums to hammers to belts to find the most sonically satisfying sounds. This collection of samples will allow you to carve mixes with precision and add immense character to your tracks.

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          24 November 2020
          Categories: Audio Samples, WAV


          Desert DRUM SAMPLES

          DECiBEL | 24 Nov 2020 | 145 MB

          Rock / 85 Loops / 116 One Shots

          Desert is the wildest drum sample library we’ve ever attempted. We wanted to push the limits to see just how far out there (literally) we could go and record drums. We recorded in 4 unique locations in the US desert. We scoured the cactus studded landscape in our Suburban filled with recording gear and drums to find spots that called to us. The result was loops and samples from magesy download four radically different sounding locations. This library is not typical. The dry samples are utterly dead and the ambient canyon reflections sound like Led Zeppelin. There are random crickets, fly’s and gusts of wind in some of the samples and loops. This library will surely transport you to the deep, hot American desert.

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          • Accelerator 8 WAV AiFF MiDi-DECiBEL
            24 November 2020

            Accelerator 8 MULTiFORMAT-DECiBEL

            Accelerator 8 MULTiFORMAT

            Team DECiBEL | 27 May 2020 | 3.37 GB

            ‘Accelerator 8’ is the largest collection in the Accelerator series to date. 200% larger than any previous release with 15 full Construction Kits, over 544 files. Faster, harder, stronger and twice the size, this collection takes no prisoners. ‘Accelerator 8’ features deep sub basses, throbbing sub sonic arps, thrash metal guitars, knock the cones out of your subwoofer kicks, percussion and loops galore. This is everything you need and everything you hear in the demo tracks is in this collection. The live tracks have been seamlessly meshed with sampled instruments and full MIDI files have been included for all the parts in each Construction Kit. These kits are ready to go for your trailers, fast action key cues, background instrumentation, etc. This is as versatile, nasty and in your grill as it gets.

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            • Pop Perfect WAV MiDi-DECiBEL
              24 November 2020

              Pop Perfect WAV MiDi-DECiBEL

              Pop Perfect WAV MiDi

              Team DECiBEL | 27 May 2020 | 2.69 GB

              ‘Pop Perfect’ is inspired by Pop producers like Max Martin, The Chain Smokers, Calvin Harris, etc. This collection pushes all the right buttons. Punchy Percussion, Smooth Pianos, Splashy Synth Pads, Jangly Guitars, Subtle Quartet Sections, this collection has over 400 loops just waiting to be plucked into stardom. This is a collection spread out over eight Construction Kits. There is key information, tempo and sample accurate loop content here as well as MIDI files for every instrument line in this collection.

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              • DEAD DRUM SAMPLES WAV
                24 November 2020
                Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

                DEAD DRUM SAMPLES WAV

                DEAD DRUM SAMPLES

                DECiBEL | 24 Nov 2020 | 179.5MB

                Drums / 146 Loops / 66 One Shots

                Recorded in a tiny room, using minimal mics and all analog outboard gear, we collected some of the absolute tightest sounding drum samples and loops. Dead, dry drums are hard to come by these days. Over-processed and verbed out sounds have plagued every corner of the sample world. We wanted to design an entire library of real, raw drum samples and loops that allowed music makers to process, verb, compress and destroy these samples in every which way.

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                • Break Beats Vol.1 DRUM SAMPLES
                  24 November 2020
                  Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

                  Break Beats Vol.1 DRUM SAMPLES

                  Break Beats Vol.1 SAMPLES

                  DECiBEL | 24 Nov 2020 | 54MB

                  BreakBeat / 67 Loops / 1 One Shots

                  Break Beats Volume One is a collection of 60+ loops played by one seriously over-caffeinated drummer. Tracked using all analog gear, these modern breakbeats already have a classic sound to them.

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                  • Bash SAMPLES WAV-DECiBEL
                    24 November 2020
                    Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

                    Bash SAMPLES WAV-DECiBEL

                    Bash SAMPLES WAV

                    DECiBEL | 24 Nov 2020 | 147.5MB

                    Rock / 80 Loops / 13 One Shots

                    Bash Sample Pack is 80 loops and accompanying kick and snare samples from magesy download a super tight kit we recorded during our first library, Drum Room. These loops were recorded in a very small studio space with a minimal mic setup. The resulting sounds are incredibly punchy. It will surely make you want to bash something.

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                    • Symphonic Melodramatic WAV AiFF MiDi-DECiBEL
                      24 November 2020

                      Melodramatic WAV AiFF MiDi-DECiBEL

                      Symphonic Melodramatic

                      Team DECiBEL | 27 May 2020 | 3.01 GB

                      ‘Symphonic Melodramatic’ is the first collection in the Symphonic Melodramatic series. Ready-made full orchestral cues in a heavily dramatic vein and have obliged here. Ten full Construction Kits, over 306 files of brand new orchestral downtempo dramatic tracks. Its like John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith Stopped by and provided that extra flair of symphonic flourish to your scoring session. ‘Symphonic Melodramatic’ features cellos, double bass, French horns, trumpets, , bowed string sections/quartets, deep sub basses, melo-echo grand pianos, hi harmonic suspended strings, distant percussion, everything you need and everything you hear in the demo tracks is in this collection. All content is 100% Royalty-Free.

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